Members of the Association shall support the general objectives of the Association and at all times;

Act with integrity and professionalism and carry out their operation in such a way as to promote a positive image of the Association and their membership.

Act responsibly to secure the welfare, health and safety of all employees of the enterprises and take account of the impact of their activities on the environment and the community.

Ensuring continuous and smooth operation of the activities and most importantly sustain the industry by satisfying the investor and actively assist and encourage members to bring up issues with the secretariat of FTZMA for enabling to deal with respective stake holders to resolve them amicably.

Endeavour to serve the interests & sustainability of the Association and the fellow member enterprises without compromising individual’s integrity and values.

Strive to build the reputation of fellow members and make good standing members in the Association.

Actively promote the Association whenever possible with clear understanding and goodwill and co-operation with external entities.