The Free Trade Zone Manufacturers’ Association (FTZMA) has extended its best wishes to the newly-elected Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. Following is the congratulatory letter to the Prime Minister sent by FTZMA Chairman Jatinder Biala.

The Executive Committee together with members of the Free Trade Zone Manufacturers’ Association wish to congratulate you on the remarkable victory you have achieved as a results of the confidence majority of the people placed on you during the recently concluded Parliamentary Election.

Your historic victory clearly reflects the dire need of people in the country for you to serve the nation again and we believe that you would do your utmost to fulfil the aspiration of people during your tenure. The Free Trade Manufacturers’ Association was founded in 1981 approximately 3 years after the first ever largest Free Trade Zone.

We being the sole trade chamber that represent in excess of 280 enterprises in all the 13 BOI zones in the country address the common issues in liaising with BOI and other state agencies. We further duly take care of wellbeing of our employees whilst sustaining the investors and ensure smooth operations of the enterprises in collaboration with the BOI, have contributed immensely to promote foreign direct investments (FDI), provided employment and brought in much needed foreign earnings which had contributed to the country’s GDP.

The Free Trade Manufacturers’ Association, therefore, plays a pivotal role in the national economy and is shaping it up while providing direct and in-direct employment plus means of living for hundreds of thousands people in the vicinity.

We therefore very much look forward to your utmost support to strengthen a well disciplined and effective work practices at all Government institutions including BOI with progressive fiscal policies to attract more and more Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in to the country. We are confident that under the newly elected political leadership, Sri Lanka will achieve a gradual and systematic progress and economic development within the next few years.

May the noble Triple Gem bless you and our Mother Lanka.