Mr President of Sri Lanka

The Free Trade Zone Manufacturers’ Association has extended its best wishes to newly-elected President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. “We, the members of the association, believe that you will do your utmost to fulfill the aspirations of the people, towards which we extend our fullest corporation”, FTZMA Chairman Jatinder Biala said in his letter to the President.

Following are excerpts of the letter.

The Free Trade Zone Manufacturers’ Association is the pioneer organisation which has existed for 40 years since the inception of the then-GCEC in the Katunayake zone. We, in collaboration with the BOI, have contributed immensely to promote foreign investments, provide employment and bring in much-needed foreign earnings to the country which have contributed to the GDP.

Collectively, we have more than 77 export manufacturers and service providers in the Katunayake zone. Furthermore, there are more than 200 export manufacturers situated outside the zone serviced by the KEPZ, some of whom are also members of our association. The Katunayake zone is by far the biggest in extent (521 acres), number of factories (over 77) and employment numbers (over 37,000 workers) among the BOI industrial parks. As a collective, a total foreign investment of Rs. 96,596 million with a cumulative annual export value of Rs. 211 billion, where the BOI earns in the form of service and taxes from investors Rs. 825 million annually.

The Free Trade Zone Manufacturers’ Association therefore plays a vital role in the national economy and shaping it up while providing direct and indirect employment plus a means of living for hundreds of thousands of people.

We represent the manufacturers in addressing the common issues by liaising with the BOI and other state agencies. We further take care of the wellbeing of our employees while sustaining the investors and ensuring the smooth operation of enterprises in cordial relations with the BOI.

We look forward to your strength in this respect and assure that we together can march forward towards success in achieving our goals in making our country prosperous, peaceful and enjoyable.