Common Interest

To safeguard and foster the common interest of members and all BOI investors island wide in general.

Represent Members

Representing members in all forums, associations and any state or none government authorities whilst creating a forum for them to develop, promote and foster their entrepreneurship.

Policy Making/ Regulatory

Formulate rules, regulations and by-laws relating to the membership of enterprises and advice, recommended and act upon methods to be adopted for the enforcement of the rules, regulation and by-laws.

Skill Development

Provide assistance in developing skills and welfare of the employees of enterprises. Facilitating member enterprises to improve their services whilst supporting to enhance the working conditions of their employees.

Impairing knowledge & Best practices

Provide member with data and information and opportunities for the exchange of ideas, information, systems, data, business methods and procedures.

Collaboration with other Association

To join or become members of any other association or chamber with likes or similar objectives of FTZMA.