To All Exporters under FTAs/PTAs/RTAs/GSP Schemes

The Certificates of Origin (COOs) under FTAs/PTAs/RTAs/GSP Schemes will be issued w.e.f  Monday the  30th November 2020 from the Department of Commerce,04th Floor,”Rakshana Mandhiraya”,No.21,Vauxhall Street Colombo 02.

As notified earlier, you may continue to send via email   scanned copies of COOs and supporting documents .Once you receive a notice through an email to submit the originals ,kindly send the same.

The documents will be collected/ issued   at every half an hour  at the “out” gate.

Office hours- 09.30am  to 04.00pm (Monday-Friday)

Contact  Tel. no  for clarification- 0778489678

Actg. Director General of Commerce