Fostering and safeguarding the interests of all the enterprises singly and collectively in the Free Trade Zone as defined and demarcated by the Board of Investment in Sri Lanka.

Providing a forum for member enterprises in the Free Trade Zone to develop, pursue and further their interests.

Creating a level playing platform for member enterprises to do networking opportunities to lobby for achievement of common goals & share best practices.

Regulating the relationships between enterprises coming within the membership of the Association.

Providing opportunities to exchange of ideas, information, systems, data, business methods and procedures.

Representing the interest of enterprises singly or collectively to any statutory body formed or appointed by the government to resolve impending issues from time to time.

Representing the interests of member enterprises singly or collectively to Government Departments and other Ministries and Institutions Controlling Public Authorities, fiscal bodies, the Security forces, vigilance committees, or with any other kindred associations on all matters affecting the interest of member enterprises in all the Free Trade Zones.

Soliciting support, promoting, canvassing or opposing any regulatory or other measure directly or indirectly affecting member enterprises in the Free Trade Zones.

Protesting against the denial, withdrawal or curtailment of rights, concessions and privileges extended to member enterprises.

Formulating rules, regulations and by-laws relating to the member enterprises and advising, recommending and acting upon methods to be adopted for the enforcement of these rules, regulations and by-laws.

Facilitating member enterprises to improve their services whilst supporting to enhance the working conditions of their employees.

Acting as an enabler on behalf of member enterprise to do research and consultancy for industry requirements for the benefit of the members as when required.

Helping member enterprises to digitally connect with global value chain and also support them to link with domestic economy if required as in most cases purchasing is almost done from abroad.

How to Apply ?

Application for membership can be requested in writing to the Secretary of the Association or directly down loaded from the website .

All application shall be deemed to be binding undertaking on the applicant’s part to conform and to abide by the objectives and the rules (By laws) of the Association and be tabled at the very next EXCO meeting for evaluation.

Upon approval from the Exco, the names of the members shall be kept informed in writing to provide with a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation from the Registrar of Companies and also BOI registration certificate. An existing member of good standing (A member who has not transgressed the rules of the Association and whose membership fees are not in arrears) must attest the application for new membership. (This can be arranged through our secretariat).

Membership Categories

There are two membership categories namely

Enterprises or Companies Manufacturing Garments
Non – Garment Manufacturing Enterprises or Companies

Honorary or temporary membership is not permitted and Membership is not transferable

Member Application Form – Imbedded as an Editable PDF document (An Image to be provided)

Membership Fees

Standard Fee: Rs 35,000/= per annum

Special Membership Fee during ROY 2020 : Rs 10,000/= ( Hurry up to get your membership during 2020 !!!)

A special concessionary rate Rs 10,000/= for incumbent members who would come on board during ROY 2020. This is almost 70% reduction of the standard

membership fee i.e. Rs 35,000/= per annum.